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Visions 2015

Oberoi Consulting

Clinical audit

Oberoi Consulting’s patient-centred solutions are designed to meet the needs of pharma and the NHS

Bedrock Healthcare Communications

Patient centricity – a bedrock for success

In our last issue of PharmaTimes Magazine, we asked whether pharma is truly patient centric – a phrase often used within the pharmaceutical industry. Here we talk to David Youds, founder and managing director of Bedrock Healthcare Communications, for his opinions from a med comms perspective

VEEVA Systems

EFPIA Disclosure Code offers benefits as well as challenges

A major shake-up of the European pharmaceutical industry is currently underway. Disclosure of payments to doctors will allow the industry to rebuild trust and optimise marketing spend

The Economist Intelligence Unit

The cost of resistance

There is a need to find practical long-term solutions to antimicrobial resistance – and they need to be implemented aggressively, says Ana Nicholls, chief healthcare analyst, The Economist Intelligence Unit

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